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Greetings and salutations, all!

Herein lies some various stuff that may or may not be of any interest to you... and it's my website, after all. Take it or leave it! ;)

Beware the Ides of March (3/13/07)

Which is, um well, March 15, but you know...

Even if I am a few days off... I am giving you a forewarning like, eh? See?!?!? I am being helpful-like. You know... in case you might have a day like our good friend Julius Caesar.

So anyway... another half a year goes by and I am still slaving away on the PhD... the neverending story, as it were. Let's hope for a December finish. I've made a few changes, let's see if my devoted fans can tell what I've done.


Um... yeah (6/4/06)

What kind of loser takes 1.5 years to update their webpage anyway?

Ok... me. That's who! Piss off! =)

Anyway... somehow, though I thought I had escaped graduate school, I have been roped into finishing the PhD, which I have been trying to do since January 2005. I should have it turned in and defended by September of this year, fingers crossed. So let that be my excuse for not maintaining my little corner of cyberspace. Yeah. So there. *raspberries*

Besides... I am not even sure anyone comes here to see my site anymore anyway, boolyhoo. Not that I have a counter or something incredibly annoying like that. So if you want me to know you're cyberstalking me, you'd best email me and let me know. Otherwise, I shall remain blissfully ignorant.

Stay tuned for further updates... you know, maybe next year. Or something. (and you know... I've updated other parts here, you'll just have to wander around and figure out what)

Pumpkins rule! (11/8/04)

Check it, yo!

As you may or may not know, PUMPKINS ARE TEH WIN! Those of you that mocked my pumpkin carving expertise can now stuff it! My 2004 Halloween carving featured mad skillz. All your pumpkin are belong to me!

Oh, and you should check out the other photos in my gallery. Lots of new things to see! =)

Another installment in the days of my life... (2/1/04)

Yepper, I escaped grad school (barely!) alive!

Yes indeed, even Queen Maggi must face the sobering reality that there is a world out there beyond the Ivory Tower. Catch the latest in the saga... and stay tuned for continued updates on my harrowing adventures.

I fixed the What D&D character are you? link... (9/10/03)

Check it out, man!

If it ain't Bard, it ain't worth it! =)

Enough complaining, already! (8/19/03)

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and every 6 months or so Maggiland actually gets updated

After endless complaints that I never put anything new on this website (who has time?), I've added a few more details regarding the ever evolving trip fantastic known as my life, um... yeah, and a few more pictures. So stop yer bitchin', people!

Oh, and I took the WOTC alignment test and apparently I should be playing a Neutral Good character. Sigh. Oh, and I think 3.5 is pretty cool, especially because you don't have to have bare hands... and feet... to cast spider climb.

And in other breaking news... Maura had her twins finally, a girl she named Helena (after her favorite sister) and a son she named Heron (after his paternal grandfather). Now she just needs to collect their errant father, and all will be well on her quest to rule the world. Do-gooders beware!

Eek!!! The cutest ever... (2/18/03)

San-X characters

Oh my gosh! With characters like Beer-chan, the Cheese Family, Tissue-san, and the little grain-of-rice-guy, Ginshari-san (my personal favorite!), who could resist this alternative to Sanrio?

Sanrio is still cool!

Ok, I can't deny that my heart (and pocketbook) is still firmly in the Sanrio camp as well.

And let's not forget...

Pucca! The irresistably cute Asian girl, her boyfriend Garu and their funny love story.

Some gaming humor... (2/15/03)

What D&D character would you be?

This survey claims I would be a Chaotic Good Human Thief. A Rogue?!? Not a Bard?!? Where is the justice in this world?

Bill Gates' character sheet

Well, this definitely explains some things!

The story of my so-called life (2/15/03)

A Cliffs Notes version of who I am and how I came to be. Wouldn't my high school English teacher be pleased?

Check it! Some new stuff on the links page! (2/15/03)

All right, so I just added the All Your Base Are Belong to Us bit, but I thought you would like it anyway!

Can it be??? Actual photos on the photos page?!? (2/14/03)

Yes, all you doubters. I do have photographs to share. A bit minimal at the moment, but once I get off my butt and scan some more, there'll be more to see. As it stands, enjoy the photos of my crazy pets (some by proxy, as they are home with the folks) and my December trip to the Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ.

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