The story of my so-called life

The lowdown...

Zodiac sign: Cancer
Home town: Tucson, AZ
Current residence: Pasadena, CA
Former residence: Davis, CA


Sahuaro High School, Tucson, AZ; graduated 1993.

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; B.S. Geological Sciences, B.A. Print Journalism, 1997. Magna Cum Laude.

University of California, Davis, CA; MS, Geology, December 2003.

University of California, Davis, CA; PhD, Geology, December 2007 (pending).


Caliope (guinea pig)


Reading, writing, gaming (3ed D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play), painting miniatures. I also used to mountain bike, rock climb, and snowboard, but time and monetary constraints have limited my physical activities.

Some bands I like:

Red Planet, Rockhammered, Reel Big Fish, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, oh there are loads more, I just can't remember!

When I'm gaming:

Favored class: Bard
Favorite stat to stick an 18: Charisma

Characters of mine:
A'lorra, Elf, 5th level Bard, 3ed D&D
Maura, Human, 7th level Bard/10th level Mindbender/3rd level Divine Oracle, 3ed D&D
Caris, Human, 7th level Fighter, 13th level Cleric, 3ed D&D
Lyssandra, Aasimar, 2nd level Cleric, 3ed D&D
Greta, Human, Elementalist II, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play
Dyane, Human, 4th level Bard/1st level Sorcerer, 3ed D&D
Luna, Human, 1st level Fighter/9th level Sorcerer, 3ed D&D
Miranda, Human, 2nd level Ranger, 3ed D&D
Jaelith, Drow/Moon Elf, 1st level Rogue, 3ed D&
D (deceased)
Zibby, Human, 4th level Ranger, 3ed D&D (deceased)
Niobe, Human, 3rd level Ranger, 3.5 ed D&D
Cloud Whispers, Air Fey, 3rd level Wizard, 3.5 ed D&D
Refined Motion, Human, 3rd level Chain Fighter, 3.5 ed D&D
Dziordannaliel Moonwhisper, Elf, 7th level Cleric, 3.5 ed D&D
Darya, Human, 5th level Bard, 3.5 ed D&D
Elavarasi (Elsa) Advani, Human, 4th level Cleric, 3.5 ed D&D
Alystia, Wild Elf, 2nd level Ranger, 3.5 ed D&D
Maranwë, Elf, 3rd level Cleric, 3.5 ed D&D
Miriya, Half Dragon, 22nd level Fighter-Rogue Gestalt, 3.5 ed
Nicoleta Vespera Metzli Largo, Human, 10th level Cleric/8th level Contemplative, 3.5 ed D&D

A brief history...

I'm the youngest of three kids, all of us military brats. My dad was originally from Pueblo, CO and my mom from Japan (they met when he was stationed there in the 60's). We lived in Arkansas, Okinawa, Phoenix, AZ, and Florida before my dad retired and we settled in Tucson. My two big sisters were in the Army (one is now an accountant and the other a dispatcher for the sheriff), meaning I was the only one that skipped out of any military service.

I grew up in Tucson, graduated from high school, then moved to Los Angeles. I spent five years in that exciting city (earning two bachelor's degrees and starting a master's degree that I bailed on) and then I moved to Davis, CA to pursue my PhD in Geology (with an emphasis in geophysics). Alas, I have become really burnt out having been in college for a decade, so I wrote up a master's thesis and successfully defended in November 2003. My thesis was signed, sealed, and delivered as of December of 2003, making me a verifiable Master of Science (though I think Master of the Universe would be a much cooler title... too bad He-Man already coined that moniker).

So in February 2005 I moved back to sunny SoCal to start full time at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory again. After a year of trying to avoid the inevitable, I went back to work on the dissertation, so I am attempting to finish that up by September of this year (2006). Still doing numerical modeling and crustal deformation/crustal rheology/fault interaction research. Hoping to branch into InSAR as my new form of geodetic modeling. Yeehaw!

That's the Cliffs Notes version of my life. Exciting, eh?

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